Isaac Johnston

Isaac Johnston in the Peruvian Andes. Photo by Alex Strohl

Heritage, a dash of irreverence, and a strong desire to live a life that is as contagious as it is authentic. That’s where it started for me and that’s where I’m headed.

I grew up on a farm near Glacier National Park in Montana. I raised animals and worked as a hired hand guiding and outfitting in the Great Bear wilderness. My first paid job started at eight years old and by thirteen I was driving trucks loaded with horses 80 miles into the backcountry of Montana. I didn’t know at the time that my life was different, just that I loved the excitement of showing people the wild world.

In my twenties I learned business and marketing during my time as the Co Founder and GM of a vacation rental company. I understood that creating moments that left a desire for a more romantic life in my guests was what mattered.

I left to work as a producer with one of the world’s best photographers and influencers, Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl). During my time with Alex, we created large scale multi-year social campaigns for Land Rover, Canon, and others. I learned from Alex and others the value of a compelling story and how to make magic consistently.

Through images, video and written word, I now travel the world creating stories and weaving in my enthusiasm. I hope you will partner with me and let me include your brand in my story. 


Client Work

As a Producer, Adventurer, Model and Photographer I've worked to create stories for Land Rover, Canon, NBC Universal and many more.


If you would like me to create content or promote your brand please reach out to me via my Contact page. My media kit and portfolio are available on request.