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What people are saying about the Newsletter:

A newsletter like this is awesome every month! And I’m liking the topics you cover - new places, techniques, and books! Thanks Isaac!
— Roseva
Love this one, Isaac! Thank you for taking the time to provide your insights and most importantly being you!
— Vishnu Rajan
Thanks for that Stokeness Isaac!

I kinda feel the lack of inspiration these days...you gave me the Asset List idea and I think I’ll apply this right now!
— Bobby Thériault
Hi Isaac,

Just wanted to let you know that I’m digging these newsletters. I appreciate the tips you’re sharing about photography, and the places you have visited recently- I definitely want to check out the Alvord desert soon.

— Ryan
Everyone is on a great race for content, but you take it easy and put out what you enjoy. The ability to share equipment and technique says a lot in today’s world. Just a quick thanks for such a great newsletter and being a true photographer
— Kyle Santos
Love the newsletter, Isaac! I’m a Montanan living in Texas and your work (particularly the photos and videos from Montana) really bring me joy and a sense of home. Thanks for sharing the positivity here and on your IG!
— Christi